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View from Craggy Pinnacle

Charcoal of Craggy Pinnacle

First drawing from Craggy Pinnacle. Charcoal on sanded paper. This first study is. to get familiar with the image. 

Pastel of Craggy Pinnacle

Second drawing from Craggy Pinnacle. Charcoal and pastel warm and cool whites annigoni paper. 16 2/4"x 25 1/4" A larger drawing but a in-depth study of the view.

Pastel of Blueridge Mountains
Craggy Pinnacle



June 2018


August  2018

Third drawing from Craggy Pinnacle. Charcoal and pastel color on annigoni paper. 12"x 25" A color study was done to capture color balance and a mountain look.

Oil underpainting started on a traditional ground 3/4"birch panel. 13"x 23 1/2" I will update as artwork proceeds....


"View from Craggy Pinnacle 1"


12" 18"

Frame:  17.5" x 23.5"

 View from Craggy Pinnacle

"View from Craggy Pinnacle 2"

Charcoal and Pastel

16.75"x 25.25"

Frame:  24.5" x 23.25"

Oil of this series

not finished yet...


"View from Craggy Pinnacle 3"


12" x 25"

Frame:  20"x 33"

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